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Multi-session workshop on Jean-Luc Nancy's
On the Commerce of Thinking: Of Books and Bookstores,
as facilitated by John Paul Ricco. Realized in coordination
with the exhibition Sediment at G Gallery, Art Metropole
and Of Swallows, Bookshop.

The three sessions of this workshop will cumulatively
involve a close and direct reading of this short book by
Jean-Luc Nancy. Each session will begin with 3-4 sections
of On the Commerce ... being read aloud by workshop
participants with subsequent group discussion of the text,
led by John Paul Ricco.

Details for the three sessions are as follows:

Session 1: January 26 2012 at G Gallery, 7-9pm (sections 1-3)
                    On the Commerce of Thinking, Of Books and Bookstores
                    The Idea and Character of the Book
                    The Book's End in Itself

Session 2: February 2 2012 at Art Metropole, 7-9pm (sections 4-6)
                     The People of the Book
                     Interminable Reading
                     The Publication of the Unpublished

Session 3: February 16 2012 at Of Swallows, Bookshop, 7-9pm (sections 7-10)
                     Book Open and Closed
                     The Scents of the Bookstore
                     The Commerce of Thinking
                     The Matter of Books

Those interested in attending the workshop are asked to
RSVP as soon as possible as there will be a limited number
of spots. Individuals that wish to RSVP are asked to do so
with the intention of attending all three sessions in order
to provide continuity and depth to the discussions.
Participants that do not own a copy of the book will be
able to purchase one at either Of Swallows, Bookshop or
Art Metropole .

To RSVP and for other information, please contact
Shane Krepakevich at skrepakevich(at)gmail(dot)com